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Discovering My Voice: A Journey to Self-Confidence Through Singing Lessons

Little did I anticipate that singing lessons would have such a profound impact on my confidence and bring me to where I am today. Music has been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember. According to my mom, even at the tender age of three, she noticed me joyfully singing along to songs like I Got My Mind Set on You and Mama Mia. It's remarkable that even at that young age, I already seemed to ‘know the words’ to these songs!

As I reminisce about my childhood, I also recall the countless hours I spent tucked away in my bedroom when I was around 8 or 9 years old. I’d spend hours enthusiastically singing my heart out, crafting cassette tapes as presents for my family members.

Last year, I stumbled upon one of those tapes. Listening to it, I was amazed at the confident, uninhibited voice that resonated from the cassette and also amused by my youthful enthusiasm.

Then, just a few months ago, a chance reunion with a family friend who'd known me since childhood recounted a conversation we'd had when I was about seven. She asked me that age-old question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Without hesitation, my seven-year-old self had proclaimed, "I want to be a singer." Though I couldn't recall that particular moment, I marvelled at my unwavering self-assuredness at such a young age.

As I turned 12, a significant shift occurred in my life. The carefree little girl who would spontaneously break into song became increasingly self-conscious and inhibited. This transformation was partly due to the academic pressures I faced at school. The expectation to excel in subjects that weren't my strengths took a toll on my self-confidence. It was during this period that I developed a strong inclination to remain in the shadows rather than be seen and heard.

However at the age of 14, my family moved to Vienna, and I joined the chorus for our school's production of Anything Goes, marking my very first experience in a school musical. It was an exciting experience filled with singing and dancing, and I absolutely loved it. This was the turning point that led me to start asking my parents for singing lessons. Despite not being considered 'vocally gifted,' there was nothing I desired more than to learn how to express myself musically through my voice.

It took two years of unwavering persistence before my mom finally relented. When we relocated to Moscow, I was 16, and that's when my singing lessons commenced under the tutelage of Miss Elena. She was not only a remarkable singing teacher but also wonderful human being, for whom I hold immense gratitude.

As a result of singing lessons with Miss Elena, I started to learn how to manage my breath, navigate my vocal registers, and sing in a variety of languages. I delved into the intricacies of reading musical scores, understanding the stylistic nuances across various genres, and honing the skills to perform in front of an audience. Yet, the impact of these singing lessons extended far beyond the realm of music.

However, the most significant gift Miss Elena imparted to me was her unwavering support and the nurturing of my lifelong love for singing and learning. Her influence was not confined to the realm of music; she played a pivotal role in shaping me as a person. Looking back, I can confidently say that those singing lessons were among the most crucial experiences of my formative years.

To this day, I cherish the one-on-one sessions with Miss Elena, which were customised to match my pace and tailored to address my specific needs and interests. These sessions not only served as a sanctuary that boosted my self-esteem and confidence but also enriched my overall life experience. In fact, these singing lessons continue to guide and shape how I work with singers now, as I carry forward the legacy of Miss Elena. Driven by a strong desire to assist others in their personal journey to become confident singers, I invite you to reflect on whether this resonates with you. If you are seeking a singing teacher who can help you build your confidence and make progress toward your vocal aspirations, much like Miss Elena did for me, I encourage you to schedule a call with me.

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