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Empowering Voices: Tips for Building Confidence in a Singing Lesson

Today, I had the pleasure of conducting a first singing lesson with a new adult student who walked in visibly terrified, convinced that singing was beyond her capabilities.

However, she loved singing, and she revealed that she was here because as these lessons were a thoughtful gift from her husband in celebration of their wedding anniversary. Despite her initial apprehension, she recounting how she grew up surrounded by music, and sang to herself around the house, in the shower, and in the car. ALL THE TIME!!!

However, she held the belief that she couldn’t sing,

As we began vocalising, I led her through simple, bite-sized vocal explorations. Then, I asked her what artists she enjoyed singing along to and she mentioned that she LOVED Adele. I said, 'Great me too!' and we chose to sing Make you feel my Love. Throughout the session, I provided her with positive reinforcement and gentle guidance as she needed it and her confidence started to increase and her tone began to flourish

I took a moment to explain that singing is a coordination of the vocal folds—a muscle that we can all learn to train and enjoy. I emphasised the connection between the brain and the production of sound, and the importance of aligning the two. Despite our relatively short 40-minute session, she experienced a noticeable improvement in her pitching and vocal tone. But, what was most exciting, was to see her enjoyment and confidence BLOSSOM in such a short period of time.

I suddenly stopped in my tracks, and I pointed out how lovely her tone was and that she COULD INDEED SING!

This student, initially like a deer in headlights, transformed before my eyes, transitioning from sheer terror to absolute joy. Beaming with enthusiasm, she couldn't believe that she was feeling this sense of achievement! She said that she couldn't wait to practice the tools we had used today and meet again for our next session. Witnessing this immediate transformation, especially in a student who came in convinced that they didn't have the right or capability to sing, made me think about how transformative singing lessons can be when we are there to assist and guide a singing student to realize their potential without judgment.

By enabling our students to experience success, they can take significant steps towards building their confidence and helping them to discover the joy and potential within themselves.

Top Tips if You Lack Confidence in Your Singing Abilities:

1. Understand that singing is a skill that can be developed and work on

cultivating a positive mindset to enhance your confidence.

2. Set aside consistent, daily time for focused practice.

3. Record your singing to objectively assess your progress.

3. Incorporate daily vocal warm-ups to improve pitch accuracy, enhance control and flexibility.

4. Collaborate with a singing teacher who you trust, comprehends your vocal goals and is committed to working alongside you to achieve them.

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